House Cleaning in Kissimmee Florida

A customer’s highlight of our Deep Cleaning and Carpet cleaning service.

Let us tell you about one of our most loyal customers, Rebecca. She is one of our frequent buyers. Rebecca is a working mother of three beautiful children. We all know how messy children can be. And when you are juggling work and home life, it can be difficult to deep clean your own home. That is why she needed our help when she first reached out to Smart House Cleaning Services.

Rebecca was planning a house party for her eldest son’s birthday. But she realized that her house is not presentable enough for the guests and on short notice. She did not have enough time on her schedule to clean the house herself. That is why she came to us instead. Her house had not been professionally cleaned in months, and deep cleaning was absolutely necessary.

We accepted her request and we offered her a discount as she was a first-time customer back then. She knew we were reputable cleaners. So, she expected our services to be costly. But not only was it affordable, but she also got a discount which made our services even more worthwhile.

After she booked an appointment with us, we sent our cleaning team in Kissimmee, Florida to her house. The team had to work quickly to make the house ready in time. Other companies may require separate packages to clean the house and the carpeting and charge more money, but our package covered both.

Both tasks could be handled simultaneously by our cleaners. While one team focused on cleansing the house, others made sure the carpeting was cleaned. Our team finished cleaning in a matter of hours by collaborating. This is how we manage our cleaning team to make sure the workload is distributed evenly.

Our team cleaned the house so efficiently because our checklist makes our work easier. Our team had dusted her house thoroughly and cleaned any tough to reach places there were. They had additional time to clean the glass stains too.

This means the stains on the shower door accumulated due to hard water. By the time our team was done with their work, the house was completely spotless and presentable for the guests. Rebecca was so impressed with the services that she went on to become one of our most loyal customers!